Christie Championships 2018 Fixtures
Sunday 15th April 2018
SportVenueLiverpool V ManchesterManchester v LeedsLeeds v Liverpool
American FootballJMO Skelmersdale13:0014:0015:00
Cricket MenSefton Park CC10:3013:1516:30
Futsal (M)Sports & Fitness Centre10:0012:0014:00*All fixtures are subject to change
Rugby LeagueWyncote13:3014.4516:00
Wednesday 18th April 2018
SportVenueLiverpool V ManchesterManchester v LeedsLeeds v Liverpool
Badminton Men 1Fire Fit Hub12:3014:0015:30
Badminton Men 2Fire Fit Hub12:3014:0015:30
Badminton WomenFire Fit Hub12:3014:0015:30
Basketball MenHope Park13:0014:4016:10
Basketball WomenHope Park13:5015:3017:00
Canoe Polo MenCoburg Dock14:0015:0016:00
Canoe Polo WomenCoburg Dock14:3015:3016:30
CheerleadingStar Spirit14:0014:0014:00
ClimbingThe Boardroom12:0012:0012:00
Fencing MenSports & Fitness Centre13:0014:4016:20
Fencing WomenSports & Fitness Centre13:0014:4016:20
Football Men 1Wyncote14:30
Football Men 2Wyncote14:30
Football Women 1Wyncote13:3014:4516:00
Football Women 2Wyncote13:3014:4516:00
GolfRoyal Liverpool Golf Club11:0011:0011:00
Handball MenIM Marsh13:3015:0016:30
Handball WomenIM Marsh14:1515:4517:15
Hockey Men 1Wyncote12:3014:4517:00
Hockey Men 2IM Marsh13:3014:3015:30
Hockey Women 1Wyncote15:40
Hockey Women 2Wyncote13:25
KorfballIM Marsh13:0014:0015:00
Lacrosse MenWyncote13:0014:0015:00
Lacrosse WomenWyncote13:3014:3015:30
Netball 1Sports & Fitness Centre13:1514:5516:35
Netball 2Sports & Fitness Centre14:0515:4517:25
Polo (Equestrian)Onley/Chester Racecourse14:0014:0014:00
Rugby Union Men 1Wyncote13:3014:4516:00
Rugby Union Men 2Wyncote13:3014:4516:00
W. Rugby UnionWyncote14:30
Sailing 1 and 2West Kirby SC13:0013:0013:00
Squash Men 1Sports & Fitness Centre13:2514:2515:25
Squash Men 2Sports & Fitness Centre13:2514:4515:25
Squash WomenSports & Fitness Centre13:2514:2515:25
Swimming M & WSports & Fitness Centre13:0013:0013:00
Water Polo MenSports & Fitness Centre14:4515:4516:45
Water Polo WomenSports & Fitness Centre15:1516:1517:15
M. Table TennisMountford Hall13:0014:3016:00
W. Table TennisMountford Hall13:0014:3016:00
Tennis MenMossley Hill Tennis Club12:0013:0014:30
Tennis WomenMossley Hill Tennis Club12:0013:0014:30
TrampolineLiverpool Trampoline Academy12:0012:0012:00
Ultimate Frisbee MenWyncote14:00
Volleyball MenSports & Fitness Centre13:0014:4016:20
Volleyball WomenSports & Fitness Centre13:5015:3017:10