Code of Conduct

Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool
Code of Conduct for: Christie Championship

Statement of Intent

“All institutions involved in the Christie Championship believe in providing an inclusive, professional and safe environment for all teams and athletes to participate in. Each institution expects all players and clubs to adopt this ethos and to the best of their abilities ensure that the Championship is a well-respected event that any student would be a proud to be a part of”.

Code of Conduct

The Christie Championship offers the opportunity to be involved in competitive matches against two other institutions in one day to players from all backgrounds in a professional and motivated environment. The clubs from all institutions endeavour to maintain a high reputation for the Christie Championship and demand certain behaviours from all members. All university clubs should demonstrate high standards of behaviour, promoting the event in a positive way, and therefore striving to compete at the highest level of ability throughout the day.


Players, coaches, officials and supporters of the Club are subject to the following rules:

  • Each institution’s code of conduct and social guidelines
  • The rules of the University sports facilities whilst on such premises
  • Each individual Club’s Code of Conduct and provisions contained in the Club’s Code of Good Practice

Breaching of any of these rules may constitute Misconduct.

All members/clubs shall abide by these rules and shall ensure that when representing their respective institution/club they maintain a high standard of moral and ethical conduct. The following ‘Code of Conduct’ has been formulated to demonstrate behaviours that are expected of all members.

As a member of a University of Leeds/Manchester/Liverpool club:

  • I will familiarise myself with the relevant regulations to my sport.
  • I will not do anything which is likely to intimidate, offend, insult or discriminate against another person on the grounds of their religion, sexual orientation, disability or race.
  • Players shall show due respect to other users of University sports facilities when other sports are taking place.
  • I will behave in an appropriate manner when representing the club. Abusive and aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated. The possession or use of performance enhancing or social drugs will not be tolerated.
  • I shall welcome and be hospitable to all visiting teams and treat all opponents with respect
  • Competitors should be committed to playing a full competitive match.
  • I shall not incite or cause violent behaviour both on and off the field of play.
  • I shall not cause or incite damage to property both on and off the field of play.
  • I will not take glass or alcohol onto any of pitches
  • Alcohol will not be consumed whilst playing games, or prior to matches by competitors or officials.
  • Under no circumstances should a player urinate on/near the playing pitch or University playing facilities.
  • When wearing branded University or Union attire, all players shall represent the club in an exemplary manner and follow each institution’s social guidelines.
  • All members shall refrain from using social media in a way which may offend other club members or other readers.
  • No member shall hold themselves as representing the club unless authorised to do so by the club committee. This includes doing so on any website or form of social media.
  • No member shall bring the University or Union’s reputation into disrepute.
  • All competitors will uphold sportsmanlike behaviour and gamesmanship at all times and attend the awards ceremony.

This is not an exhaustive list of what may constitute misconduct and final rulings on issues of misconduct lie with the committee.

Disciplinary Action

If any member fails to comply with these rules, they may be subject to disciplinary action which can include reprimand, suspension or expulsion from the club. Any disciplinary action shall be dealt with by the University in question Any member subject to such a hearing shall have the right to put forward a defence against any accusations made against them.

All punishments will be subject to each University’s Sports Department/ Student Unions disciplinary procedures as well as club disciplinary procedures.

Disciplinary Procedures

1. Complaint received

If any member/player is deemed to have undertaken in an act of misconduct, there will be consequences, with the punishment dependent on the severity of the act.
As a member of each team, each player is responsible for their own behaviour, having signed the club’s code of conduct which requires them to be accountable for behaviour which may affect the club.

All members should adhere to their own code of conduct as well as the Christie code of conduct whilst at the event (and travelling to and from)

2. Investigation

The University concerned will carry out an investigation into the incident. Those individuals involved will be contacted to inform them that they are under investigation and they will be asked to respond to the accusations

3. Disciplinary Procedure

This will be implemented according to the relevant and proven level of misconduct and by the University of the student/students concerned.

4. Informing Christie Universities of Disciplinary Decisions

The other Universities should be informed of what action has been taken within 14 days of the complaint being received. If the University raising the complaint is unhappy with the action taken they should register this with the Christie Committee for discussion at the Next Christie Meeting. Christie Committee can request by a simple majority that further action is taken.

5. Appeal Procedure

If a club or individual wishes to appeal the decision that has been taken they should appeal to their own University and follow the procedures in place.

6. Repeat Misconduct

If an individual /club is already on a warning from a previous incident, the seriousness of the second incident will be considered to be one level higher. Warnings against individuals will stand for one calendar year from the date they are given. All disciplinary action will come into force immediately.